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WWotW Mentor Guidelines

  • Mentors are expected to contact new members off list as soon as they can after receiving the new members application from Joelle. First contact should be an introduction, welcome to the group, and an offer to answer any questions.
  • Mentor should then introduce new member to the main group.
  • Mentor should then offer a "tour" of wwotw, explaining the clans and how to join, the webring, and who the founders and leaders are. Let them know who to go to if they have problems or questions about specifics within the group.
  • Mentor should encourage the new members to participate as soon as they are comfortable, and encourage them to fill out the new member questionaire that they should have received when they joined. If they didn't receive it they may retrieve a copy at:
  • If for any reason the new member and the mentor don't get on well, the new member and/or the mentor should contact Joelle to be reassigned with no questions asked and no resentment from either party. These things happen and it's usually nobody's fault at all.
  • After initial 2 weeks the mentor should remain available to answer any questions or to smooth any awkwardness on the new members part, but should back off and encourage the new member to participate fully at the main list.
  • Any questions should be addressed to Joelle (Graphics, Membership Misc., Mailing List Questions and Issues), Shetakaey (Hurt Feelings, Personality Conflicts, Moods), or Wolfspirit (Clan Issues/Questions/Suggestions, Chats, Grievances).

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Created on by Joelle January 31, 2001