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Camp Maeve
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Old Amazon

Old Amazon

Member since 9/11/00

Website: Old Amazon!

I am my persona....a Pagan who lives the path of the Goddess. I fight for the right of INNOCENCE... for beauty, truth, and joy. I stand tall and big and proud with both feet firmly planted on Gaia, sword in right hand, knife in left. I's what I am....the quintessimal mother....the mother you dare not cross to reach her children. I WILL kill and die for those I love. Do not cross me in anger, but reach out to me with hope, compassion, truth, and a sense of awe of our human-ness and diversity. I will teach and love and hold and guide you while ever having a watchful eye out for predators and fools. I will someday be CRONE. Fear me then.

Frost Maiden

ICQ: 84419324
Member Since 4/29/00

Website: Realm of Myst and Magick

I love to read and write for knowledge is power and without it, we are nothing. I served in the US Navy for 5.5 years which gave me the ability to stand on my own two feet as well as fight for what I believe in. I have chosen the name Frost Maiden in honor of my Patron Goddess, Skadhi. She is the Norse Goddess of Winter, the Goddess of the Wild Hunt, the Patron of the Wolven Song, and the Patron of the Mountains and the Wilderness. She is a strong and noble ally. Just as Skadhi rose up against adversity to avenge her father's death and stood eye to eye and toe to toe with the Gods who slew him ready for battle, I too am not afraid to rise up against injustice and see a wrong righted. I will stand alone or as one of many when backed by a just cause.
Raven El

Raven El

New York
Member Since 1/15/00

Website: None Yet

I am a Warrior Woman because I defend my rights and the rights of others (preferably with a velvet glove, but with an Iron fist if necessary), to live as you would with harm to none. I believe that the only lasting legacy that we leave on this Earth is our children and as such, it is my responsibility and my privilege to teach my children that all living things have rights and that as humans, our duty is to honor our Mother Earth and to protect and defend all those that can't defend themselves.


New York
ICQ: ?
Member Since: 4/14/00

Website: Daughters of the Warrior Goddess


Nonny, Delphi Priestess of Roan

South Carolina
ICQ: 60522468
Member Since 11/11/00

Homepage: Nonny's Heart

I belive in a Utopia, that can be accomplished and the rights of all All are equal and I have a high opinion of myself and others I do not tolerat stupidity and ignorance, but I do not slam a person , if they reach out I will help educate them.
ANd i try very hard to be a friend to all

Lady Daisy Divine

ICQ: 95323082
Member Since: 1/17/01

Website: None

I want to stand up for child abuse and domestic abuse, I am tired of men thinking that they can beat on women and children and we won't fight back...It's time for women to stand and be strong for each other. As warriors, as wives, as mothers, as daughters. We will not take it anymore!!
Lady Daisy Divine



Member Since 9/10/98

Homepage: Flowering of the Soul

I have a web site to help women who have been separated or divorced.I want women to learn to be strong and to realize all the power that is within them.I have been though alot in my life and have been married twice.I now know I am strong enough to make it on my own and can be happy within myself and for myself.


ICQ: ask
Member since 9/11/00

Website: Soldiers in the Missed

I believe we all travel many paths. The paths we choose will determine who we are and what we will become. I have traveled many paths and am sure to travel many more. The path I have chosen at this time in my life is a very imprtant one...and it intertwines with that of the POW/MIAs.


Member since 1/21/01

Website: Diva Seren's Divas

I have spent much of my adult life in fighting depression. I veer between bouts of intense self-loathing to seriously considering suicide. But I am trying to develop my warrior side in order to help myself to defeat the demon depression. I am a Pagan and I worship the Goddess Epona. I am also learning the art and craft of Wicca.
I believe in equality for everyone, I believe in the sanctity of life and I believe in the world. I am trying to believe in myself.

Mystic Sam

Florida, previously California
ICQ: Ask
Member since 6/16/99

Homepage: BlueAngels page

A protector of children, A protector of friends, a Dreamer of Magickal things, a loyal, devoted, caring soul, one who makes your journey blossom full of laughter & love. I love the Earth & all her creatures. I have a strong connection with the Animal kingdom. I thank my Goddesses Athena & Artemis for my safe journeys in such a dark, dark world. I was one of the first to come to this group, following Ceilede in her direction of friendship & love. I am known as Sam the Mystic one, or Mystic Sam by those who know and love me on the net. Blessed Be
Mystic Sam


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