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Camp Scathach
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ICQ: 26834410
Member Since: 11/1/98

Website: Fujintori's time machine

I have been mingling with the group for about 6 months and I think we are pretty cool! I'm a programmer/quality control nerd, but I would gladly give it all up to be able to stay at home with my son. Unfortunately, we would be eatting rice and beans for the rest of our lives if I do :) My goal, it to live my life to the fullest and to always follow my dreams. They will lead you to where you don't dare go while you are awake.


ICQ: 21222398
Member Since: 11/8/98

Homepage: Eadon's Homepages

I stand up for what's right, be it morally, or spiritually. If I think someone is wrong, I'll confront them with logic and clamness. But sometimes the Bull comes out in me, for I am a Taurus, and there's no stopping me.


ICQ: none
Member Since: 12/1/00

Website: Spiral and Joker's Love Stories

I am a warrior women because everday is a struggle and if I wasn't a warrior I would have given up. I dont let anything defeat me, I fight for what I believe in. I have a code of honor. I don't compromise my principles!


Member Since: 1/21/01

Website: NoneThunderFyre

I have always been an outsider - I'm fat, Pagan, intelligent and disabled and have faced prejudices related to each of them. I don't believe in letting social convention dictate who or what I am, or how I express myself.

I feel strongly that everyone has the right to be exactly who they are, if not an obligation to do so. With that right, however, come the responsibility to deal ethically with whatever repercussions you may face. This mean accepting your achievements as true successes you've brought about (as opposed to deciding it's just luck), and owning your failures instead of blaming everyone else.

I believe in stiving to live up to the Nine Noble Virtues - Courage, Honour, Truth, Industriousness, Perseverance, Hospitality, Discipline, Fidelity, & Self-Reliance - and that I have an obligation to choose the path that will cause the least harm or which serves the greatest good.

I believe it is important for warriors to use their strengths to help others who may not be ready or able to fight on their own, and that it is vital to do what is right simply because it is right - not because its the easiest option.

I also know that I'm not perfect and don't always live up to all of my own beliefs - and that I have to accept the consequences of that, and then keep on working.

Lady Night Wing

Member Since 1/24/01

website: No

I have always had a warrior's way about me, in stance, attitude and perspective. I know that I have been a warrior in previous lives. I believe that all deserve the rights we all cherish, and am willing to take a stand to see that those rights are given and protected for all.

I see inequalities everywhere in society, and see certain groups trying to dictate to others what they should believe, what their rights are and that those rights are based not on simply being alive, but on what color their skin is, what gender they are, or with whom they live their lives. I will use whatever powers are at hand to make a stand with the group, so that together we can make a difference!
Lady Night Wing
Lady El Cicerone

Lady El Cicerone

North Carolina
ICQ: 63005506
Member Since: 6/13/00

Website: Domain of The Mermaid Queen

    All my life I have had a natural inclination to be a champion for the *under-dog* with a *Joan of Arc* attitude (and have put myself in emotional and physical danger when doing so). And this dove-tails perfectly with my outspokenness on personality affective disorders so as to help others gain strength when facing down their own personal demons. (NOTE: The word *daemon* is the Greek language word for *EGO*!!!)

    I have always been told I have a way with words (even my American Literature teacher, Vivian Chinskey, used my poetry as teaching material after I'd left high school!). I am really gifted with my ability to inspire others through my writings, whether they be poetic, prosaic, or practical.

    My name *El Cicerone* means *The Guide* and this was chosen due to my natural magnetic ability (which I do NOT understand) to lead others either to strengthen themselves or for causes I am passionate about (like saving our oceans).


ICQ: 44824934
Member Since: 5/15/99

Website: Teardrop's Place

Lady of the Rain


Member Since: 11/1/98 Rejoined 10/19/00

Website: None

My childhood innocence was lost at a young age for a horrible unnecessary reason, but I have learned that the bad things in our lives make us stronger. I know who I am. I am a woman who will fight for what is right because my sitting back and doing nothing fails myself and fails my fellow women friends. I am the Warrior that I was born to be. To not fulfill my destiny is against my nature.


Member Since: 10/6/00

Website: Welcome to my animal kingdom

I believe in myself . We all have the power to change things in our life and should follow our inner voice towards our chosen path. I set a goal and work towards it, focus and you'll be there. Dont let life go by dreaming make your dreams come true, we all have the power. I use my energy positively, dont hate or dislike just say they are different and move on. Build bridges not barriers, cross the bridges dont fear them. Take your life in your own hands be the person you are.
Blessed Be.

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