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WWotW Swap Questionaire

This questionaire is intended to help swap partners get to know each other bettter. It will be seen by me and whomever your swap partner is only! All questions are optional so if there's something you'd rather not answer don't! The form is mailed to me when you click the submit button and I'll store them in a file somewhere on my hard drive until we get the swaps organized, then I'll email yours to you partner and vice versa.

If you have any questions please e-mail me at

Brightest Blessings,






Where are you from?:

Where were you born?:

When's your birthday?:


Hair Color?:

Eye Color?:

What do you do for a living?:

Any special skills or talents?:


Any Children?:

Any Pets?:

Do you follow any specific religion/faith, if yes which one?:

what Causes or Issues do you passionately support" (give websites too if any, up to five):

Biggest Pet Peeve?:

Favorite Type of Books?:

Do you collect anything(s) in particular?:

Favorite Color(s):

Least Favorite Color:

Favorite Incense or Candle Scent:

Least Fave Scent?:

Coffee or Tea or ???:

Favorite and/or Totem Animal:

Least Favorite Animal (if any):

Favorite Flower?:

Favorite Holiday/Season:

Favorite Subject to discuss:

Favorite Pastime:

Favorite Phrase or words you use:

Favorite Sport to participate in:

Favorite Sport to Watch:

Favorite Type of Music:

Favorite Movie:

Favorite Place:

Favorite Food:

Least Favorite Food:

Favorite Perfume/Scent:

Least favorite perfume/scent:

Favorite thing to wear:

Favorite Way to Relax:

What's your dream vacation?:

How would you describe yourself?:

Best Advice Given or Received: