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The Warrior Queen

I am the Warrior Queen!
     The Defender of my people.
With strong arms do I bend the bow
     And wield the Moon-Axe.
I am She who tamed the heavenly Mare
     And rides the Winds of Time.

I am Guardian of the Sacred Flame;
     The fire of all beginnings.
I am the Sea-Mare, the firstborn of the Sea Mother
     And command the waters of the Earth.

I am Sister to the Stars
     And Mother to the Moon.
Within my womb lies the destiny of my people
     For I am the Creatrix.
I am daughter to the Lady with ten thousand names;
     I am Epona, the white Mare.

- Tara Buckland

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We would like to thank--with hugs and kisses--Kupo3 who helped us come up with the name, built and finished the original entrance page, and has lended nothing but support and assistance through the whole process. He is an honorary member, even though he's a guy!

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