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Temple of Wisdom
Inspiration, Meditations, Prayer Circles, etc.

Members: Emerald Punk, Joelle, Storme, Wolfspirit, Anderomeda, Morgaine, Lady El Cicerone, Lady Wyn

The Sanctuaries:

Sanctuary of the Cauldron
Dedicated to Danu

Members: Anderomeda, Lady Wyn

Sanctuary of Inspiration
Dedicated to Ceridwin

Members: Anderomeda, Lady Wyn

Sanctuary of Prayers
Dedicated to Brigid

Members: Anderomeda, Lady Wyn

Sanctuary of Silence

This is a place where anyone can pour out any fears, worries, etc., that they may be nervous about telling the whole group, but also a place that will know how to get hold of them, if they should "vanish".
Members: Lady ElCicerone,Mystic Sam, Carlene, Wolfie, Shetakaey, Joelle, Morgaine

Sanctuary of Society
Responsible for organizing volunteer work on and off the Internet

Sanctuary of Mystery

Responsible for suppling daily Random Acts of Kindness

copywrite 2001 by Morgaine Brigid O'Herne
last updated 1/17/01