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Warrior Women of the Web Clans & Temples

Welcome! This is where we get the work done! If you are a new member and are interested in joining one of these clans, temple, or grove, please email the chieftess for more information. If you'd like to know what belonging to a clan entails we've created a list of guidelines for clan members, counselors and chieftesses, please do take a few moments to read this before volunteering yourself. Joining a clan means that you are committing yourself and your time to further the aims of that clan, please don't ask to join if you are unable to commit the time to really help! we really prefer that new members wait for at least 30 days before joining a clan, that way they and we can be sure that this is a group they're comfortable with.

Clan of the Black Panther (Membership)
Smoking Tree Clan (Grievances)
Clan of the Crystal Cave (Affirmations, etc.)
Gray Wolf Clan (Causes)
Clan of the Crone (Health Issues)
Temple of Ancient Wisdom (Spirituality and Inspiration)
Grove of Vision Quests (Shamanism, Totems, etc.)
clan of the Black Panther Clan of the Black Panther Homepage
Clan Email

All issues pertaining to membership, welcoming new members, adding members to the member webpages, logos, netring maintenance, and member graphics.

Chieftess: Joelle
Counselor: Wolfie

Members: Season, Ameniatha, Lady In Black, Lady SidheMoon, Ravyn Wolf, Lady El Cicerone, Anderomeda, SugarHovis, Shetakaey

Society of the Jaguar: Responsible for approving members, adding to and maintaining member pages, group website, extra graphics pages and moderating the mailing list.(this society is available only to founders and moderators)

Members:  Joelle, Shetakaey, Wolfspirit, Emerald Punk

Society of the Leopard: Responsible for creating logos, personal member graphics, helping all members with graphic questions and/or needs.
Members: Season, Joelle, Ameniatha, Lady In Black, Lady SidheMoon, Ravyn Wolf

Society of the Spotted Kittens: This society is responsible for welcoming new members, creating and sending a welcome letter (or at least replacing the welcome letter at Egroups which is in dire need of updating!), visiting webpages and leaving guest book entries and "presents", and of course making new members feel at home with our group.
Priestess:  Lady El Cicerone

Members: Joelle, Ravyn Wolf, Lady SidheMoon, SugarHovis, Mystic Sam

Society of the Sphinx: Responsible for Member Questionaires, "Hot" topics, Items of Interest (anything to get conversation going).
Members: Joelle, Mystic Sam

Society of the Claw: Member of the Quarter and Other Awards.
Members: Joelle, Wolfspirit, Mystic Sam

Smoking Tree Clan

Clan of the Smoking Tree Website
Grievances, Disputes, Swaps, Secret Sister, Chats, Member Surprises, etc.

Chieftess: Wolfspirit

Members: Andromeda, Joelle, Emerald Punk, Shetakaey, Ravyn Wolf, Teardrop, Old Amazon, Gale

Grandmother Willow Society: Responsible for major grievances
Members: Wolfspirit, Joelle, Shetakaey

Sage Society: Resolutions, arguing for members, etc.
Members: Wolfie, Joelle, Shetakaey

Society of the Great Oak: Reprimands, arguing against members.
Members: Wolfie, Joelle

Society of the Acorn: Simple resolutions, etc.
Members: Wolfie, Joelle, Shetakaey

The Secret Grove Society: Secret Sister Society: swaps
Priestess: Wolfie
Members: Teardrop, Ravynwolf, Mystic Sam

The Talking Tree Society: Chats, communication
Members: Joelle, Wolfspirit

The Honey Tree Society: Arranging Special surprises for the group and it's members.
Members: Wolfie, Gale, Joelle, Rides The Tiger, Old Amazon

Clan of the Crytal Cave Clan Email
Responsible for inspirational and helpful mailings to the list, such as affirmations, daily horoscope, recipes, etc.

Chieftess: Shetakaey

Members: Ameniatha, Anne/|\Wiseowl, Cathryn Loch, Wolfspirit, Joelle, Lndyrss, Carlene, SugarHovis, Mystic Sam, Osric, Daisy

Amethyst Arbor Society: Brings in spiritual sustenance to inspire and uplift and recipes for more mundane sustenance.
Members: Shetakaey, Anne/|\Wiseowl, SugarHovis, Lndyrss, Carlene
Blessing of the Day -- Anne/|\Wiseowl
Recipes -- Shetakaey, SugarHovis, Lndyrss, Carlene

Obsidian Obelisk Society: Provides thoughtful and insightful suggestion for self-improvement and growth.
Members: Shetakaey, Cathryn Loch
Affirmations -- Shetakaey
Stone of the Month -- Cathryn Loch

Hematite Harbinger Society: Offers foresight through divination.
Members: Shetakaey
Daily Tarot Reading -- Shetakaey
Daily Horoscope -- Shetakaey

Malachite Matriarch Society: Provides information about Goddesses and Power Women in history, and hopefully later we'll do profiles of our OWN powerful ladies!
Members: Shetakaey, Fujintori, Mystic Sam, Osric
Daily Goddess -- Shetakaey
Legends & Myths -- Fujintori, Mystic Sam
Historical Profiles -- Osric

Citrine Citadel Society: Serves as a barometer of moods, feelings, and trends, and offers this information as a clarifying force.
Members: Joelle, Wolfspirit, Shetakaey

The Enid Shale Society: Responsible for asking questions that are thought-provoking and designed for the members to express themselves, remember forgotten experiences and learn something about each other.
Priestess: Fujintori
Members: Shetakaey, Joelle

Society of Cave Painters: A creative venture for artists, writers, and graphic designers.
Priestess: Ameniatha
Members: Carlene, Mystic Sam, Wolfspirit, Joelle, Daisy, Fujintori

Grey Wolf Clan Clan Email
Causes, finding petitions and letting the membership know, place to write to hear our voice, etc.

Chieftess: Winddancer/U'nole Galisgia
Counselor: Rides the Tiger

Members: Emerald Punk, Anne/|\Wiseowl, Lady Dancing Elk, Anderomeda, Lady In Black, Wild Zoe, Joelle, Wolfspirit, Mystic Sam, Frost Maiden, Saoirse, Carlene, Shetakaey

Society of the Earth Mother: Environmental Issues
Leader: Anne/|\Wiseowl
Members: WindDancer, Rides The Tiger, Joelle

Society of the White Tiger: Endangered and Threatened Animals;
Leader: Rides The Tiger
Members: WindDancer, Lady in Black, Mystic Sam, Saoirse, FrostMaiden, Shetakaey

Society of the Phoenix: Human Rights and Issues;
Leader: Emerald Punk
Members: WindDancer, Anne/|\Wiseowl, Lady Dancing Elk

Society of the Mother: Women's rights and issues;
Leader: Lady Dancing Elk
Members: WindDancer, Anne Wiseowl, Wild Zoe

Society of the Child: Child Abuse and Issues:
Leader: Frost Maiden
Members: WindDancer, Lady Dancing Elk, WildZoe

Clan of the Crone

Clan of the Crone Homepage
Clan Email

Health Issues, Herbalism, Natural Remedies, Spiritual Guidance, Holistic Healing, etc.

Chieftess: Saoirse
Counselor: Joelle

Members: Shetakaey, Lady El Cicerone, Gale Whitewalker, Wolfspirit, Lady In Black, Carlene, Old Amazon, Cointreau, Mystic Sam, Lndyrss

Society of Gatherers - information on roots, herbs and plants
Members: Joelle, Lady In Black, Mystic Sam

Society of Healing Hands - information on chiropractic, massage therapy, reflexology, reiki and other methods of healing involving bodywork.
Members: Gale, Carlene, Old Amazon

Society of Open Hearts - information on spiritual guidance, inner child work, and other methods of healing involving one-on-one or group teachings and counseling.
Priestess: Shetakaey
Members: Wolfie, Lndyrss, Lady El Cicerone

Society of Crystal Spheres - information on healing using crystals, aromatherapy, and other objects of power.
Members: Wolfie, Joelle, Lady In Black, Cointreau

Temple of Ancient Wisdom

Temple of Ancient Wisdom Homepage
Inspiration, meditations, prayer circles, etc.

High Priestess: Morgaine
Counselor: Lady Wyn

Members: Emerald Punk, Joelle, Storme, Wolfspirit, Lady El Cicerone, Carlene, Mystic Sam, Shetakaey

Sanctuary of the Cauldron: (Danu)
Members:Andromeda, Lady Wyn

Sanctuary of Inspiration: (Ceridwen)
Members:Andromeda, Lady Wyn

Sanctuary of Prayers: (Brigid)
Members:Andromeda, Lady Wyn

Sanctuary of Silence: This is a place where anyone can pour out any fears, worries, etc., that they may be nervous about telling the whole group, but also a place that will know how to get hold of them, if they should "vanish".
Members: Joelle, Morgaine, Lady El Cicerone, Mystic Sam, Carlene, Wolfie, Shetakaey

Sactuary of Society: Responsible for organizing volunteer work both on and off the Internet.

Sanctuary of Mystery: Responsible for supplying Daily Random Acts of Kindness

Grove of Vision Quests GROVE OF VISION QUESTS: This is where the members of WWotW can come to learn about all alternate aspects of spirituality, including: Shamanism, Magick, Witchcraft, Druidry; Totems, Guardian Angels, Spirit helpers and guides of all types; Candles and Colors; Astrology, Tarot, Runes, Numerology and other forms of Divination, Legends, lore, prophecies and superstitions; and other similar topics.

COUNSELOR: Wolfspirit

MEMBERS: Lady In Black, Lady Dancing Elk, Joelle, Lady Wyn, Lady SidheMoon, Shetakaey, Lady Daisy Divine, Anderomeda


Rainbow Valley: Candles, Ceremonies, Colors and their meanings
     Members: Joelle, Daisy, Wolfspirit, Frost Maiden

Valley of Mists: Spirit Helpers, Angels, Guides, Totems
     Members: Joelle, Wolfspirit, Frost Maiden

Shaman's Hollow: Shamanism and related topics
     Members: Wolfspirit, Frost Maiden

Circle of Life: Medicine Wheel, Wheel of the Year, and Religious Holidays of Other Faiths
     Members: Wolfspirit, Frost Maiden, Joelle

Faery Thicket: Magickal Places, Faeries, Supernatural and Otherworldly Beings
      Priestess: Joelle
     Members: Daisy, Wolfspirit, Frost Maiden

Mystical Marsh: Magick, Witchcraft, Druidry, Spells, Charms and Talismans
      Priestess: Joelle
     Members: Daisy, Frost Maiden, Wolfspirit

Standing Stones Clearing: Runes, Tarot, Numerology, and other forms of Divination
     Members: Joelle, Frost Maiden, Wolfspirit, Daisy

Star Gazing Mountain: Astrology
     Members: Wolfspirit, Frost Maiden

Legendary Hollow: Legends, Folk Tales, Superstitions, Prophecies
     Members: Joelle, Frost Maiden, Wolfspirit

Springs of Spiritual Essence: Dreams, Meditations, Spiritual Inner Journeying, Finding Inner Peace, etc.
     Members: Frost Maiden, Wolfspirit, Daisy

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