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Smoking Tree Clan

    As she looked over the valley she remembered what brought her to this point. The breaking of the tribes and the squabbling between the Circle of Leaders.

Long ago, the tribes had been broken up by the power and greediness of the Leaders. The Circle of Leaders, the elders, were not guided by the spirit of love, truth, and honesty. They were guided by greed, hatefulness, and the love of power. Thank the Goddess, that we have come so far.

The Sacred TreeThese were her thoughts, as she watched the priestesses file up the long trail by the Sacred Tree. Our power comes from within, not by a misguided sense of power. As the priestesses filed by the Sacred Tree, they all paused and looked upon the one thing that guides the Warrior Women. The power that comes from the Tree of Life, of harmony, honesty, a look at oneself in the Circle of life. This clan was needed for guidance and for the necessity of keeping the harmony of peacefulness. If only it wasn't needed, but alas it is. This clan is for the Warrioress' and the Chieftess, for the member of a clan who has a problem. We are here to help all become what we will.

Grandmother WillowWith these thoughts, she turned and headed on up the path to the Grandmother Willow, the second most important symbol of unity within the Smoking Tree Clan. We are the judges and advocates for the downtrodden and misguided. We make some heavy decisions in this circle of the Grandmother Willow. It lays as a lead on my heart to know that this circle is needed for the good of the whole. This is where the worst transgressions are judged and advocated. The Priestesses of this Society must be honest, kind, merciful, and just. This is a Society of Warrior Women who must be balanced and enlightened to the needs of all. Who can judge without predjudice and find the hidden truths.

SageFurther up the trail, she comes to a clearing. In the center of the clearing is a circle of sagebrush, with a circle within a circle. The Circle of Choices, Circle of Sisterhood and Fellowship. A gathering of friends and helpmates to insure justice and peaceful mediation for the clan as a whole. These priestesses have committed to a lifetime of helping their fellow warriors and others with fighting for their rights within the whole.

OakLooking across the clearing, she sees the Great Oak. It has seen many come and go in many lifetimes. Here is where the lead becomes heavy in her heart. The need for this circle of leaders. This Circle of Wisdom, Unity, and Resolution. Where the unity of the whole is fought for and united in peace. These are the ones with the world on their shoulders. These are the priestesses of Justice and Wisdom. They fight for the whole, to make it a strong united circle of peace and fairness.

AcornSadly, she turns and trips over an acorn from the Great Oak. She bends down and picks it up looking at this one symbol, so tiny, but so very important. This is where it all starts. That one little thing, so irritating to be stepped on, trodden, and the hurt it can cause. This is the final circle, where it all starts, the little irritants that can be blown up to emcompass the whole. These priestesses are the mothers of the whole. They must be all-seeing, to be able to percieve the nuances of the whole and to be able to guide the whole onto a new front, toward a new path and enlightened understanding.

Slowly, she turns looking with more understanding at all the priestesses coming up the path and is able to smile and welcome them to the Smoking Tree Clan.

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